Friday, April 15, 2011

Foto Seksi Belahan Dada Artis Alessia Cestaro Part 2

Alessia Cestaro

Alessia Cestaro

Alessia Cestaro

Alessia Cestaro

Alessia Cestaro, the lover Coto Makassar

Alessia Cestaro including artists who love their home region, Makassar, South Sulawesi. Sanking love, to the extent that he is looking for a restaurant that provides Coto Makassar. In Celebrity Status SCTV show, Friday (14 / 5), Alessia Cestaro seem enthusiastic to give relevant information coto order.

Women who played in the film " Menculik Miyabi " was also rushed to the restaurant kitchen. She shows how to present the Coto Makassar. Cattle offal that has been boiled sliced. Then mixed with gravy that has been formulated with a special seasoning.

"It is eaten with rice cake and burasa," celetuknya while chewing food. Alessia Cestaro 20-year-old was also good at speaking Makassar. She put it into practice when they wanted to pay at the cashier. But there's one thing she still difficult to do until now, to drive the vehicle backwards. "I can not retreat. Most turn back," she said embarrassed

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